Yin Restorative Yoga with Harp Music for Healing


The fusion of Yin Restorative Yoga and Live Harp Music forms a powerful holistic blend. Restore your overall wellbeing through the gentle stretches of Yin Yoga and the healing vibrations of harp music; activating body meridians and opening your chakra energy centres.


Regenerate Your Being


Feel vital, safe, inspired, and tuned into your natural potential with Yin Restorative Yoga and Harp Music. The Yin Yoga practice will open your body, ready to absorb the healing vibrations of the harp sounds at the deep cellular level.

Just as Yoga can provide healing for both the body and the mind, research suggests that listening to live harp music can also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, balance blood pressure, decrease pain, promote feelings of well-being and joy and improve sleep.


Tune inward and receive in this five part course:

  • 3 Hours of Yin Restorative Yoga
  • Live Ancient Healing Sounds of the Harp
  • Write Ups of Each Pose for Deeper Understanding
  • Images of Each Pose for Porper Alignment
  • Immediate Access to the Course to Begin Your Journey
  • All Materials Downloadable for You to Enjoy and Learn at Your Leisure

All for just US$44 (approximately AUS$59)!


Course is published and available through Sacred Stories Media, click on the button below for more information and to enroll.