SUNDAY 8 December 2019

10am-4.30pm in Spring Mountain

This workshop will give you a practical approach to understanding what abundance is and how to claim more abundance in your life. You will learn:

• Yoga poses to relaese blockages to abundance
• Mudras for abundance
• Meditation to release abundance blockages and invite abundance in
• Harp Sound Healing with specific cords to tune into abundance frequences, which will enahnce body work to release blockages and be more open to receiving

Deborah Bates and Irina Morrison pair up again to being you a dynamic and holistic approach to manifesting abundance.
Irina will take you through a combination of Hatha and Yin Yoga to unlock the chakras and start releasing blockages from the physical body, as well as the Kubera Mudra Meditation. She will finish the day with Yoga Nidra to settle the energy and final intention setting, as a hypnagogic state is powerful for altering subconscious and deep patterns.

Deborah will take you through a discussion about the definition of ‘abundance’ and take you through activities to explore ‘your journey of abundance’ with ‘self-assessment quiz,’ ‘abundance-checker,’ how to test your ‘manifestation frequency,’ the alchemy of vibrations as well as a powerful clearing meditation with live harp music.

*LUNCH INCLUDED* **PLEASE NOTE: This Workshop is held at the private property, the address will be provided upon purchase**