WholeBeing Wellness sessions are One-On-One sessions that will support you in developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle and an optimal environment for healing within your body and whole being.

These sessions will help you to assess where you are currently with your lifestyle, physical activities, diet, and other changes you could make to support your journey.

Themes that can be explored during WholeBeing Wellness Sessions:

Embodiment. At the foundation of Irina’s work is embodiment through yoga and other physical and energetic practices. When you are embodied, you have a much deeper awareness of what is truly happening within and around you. Being fully present in your day-to-day experiences allows you to respond with love and consciousness rather than fear and reactivity. Your embodiment becomes a gift to the world.

Loving yourself. When you integrate a deep and abiding love for yourself into your daily life, you can truly love others and be of service. Practicing self love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness, becoming fully yourself and living in integrity with your beliefs. Loving yourself includes creating healthy boundaries, taking time for self-care, and honouring your needs and desires.

Dietary considerations. Certain foods naturally awaken your body’s ability to heal itself and will support you in reaching a higher state of consciousness. At the same time, removing toxins from your diet and life helps to bring you back to the natural state of Being. When your body is healthy, it is much easier to connect with your soul and develop natural gifts and abilities such as intuition.

Spiritual growth and awakening. This is the time to become conscious and aware of your inner Being, to go beyond the mind and ego and discover Universal Truths that will free your spirit. The highest possibilities for your life become available as you release the old ideas and beliefs that no longer support your journey. Spiritual growth and awakening is about becoming your Soul Self and showing up fully in life.

Sacred sexuality. Sacred sexuality is an alchemical experience that is about so much more than intimate relationship. It transmutes the pain and struggle of separation into the experience of Pure Love as you become the energy of Pure Love in the world. Sexual, spiritual and creative energies are all part of Whole-Being, and these forces will guide you on the path of remembering the Source.


If you’re interested in exploring Whole-Being Wellness and experiencing a life of joy, meaning, and abundance, contact Irina to schedule a session.