Visit Your Past Life (Past Life Regression)

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect requires that everything comes full circle; any good or harm we have done will return to us. Lessons that are meant for us to learn so we grow as people, if not learnt can be repeated over multiple lives. Exploring past lives can help us take responsibility in the present life and give us the impetus to work on a particular challenge. Once we become aware that we can’t avoid or run away from a certain problem, even through dying, our motivation to resolve the issue increases.

Many illnesses are connected to the Past Lives issues – what we get from past lives are the emotional patterns that lead to illnesses.

What are the signs that you had Past Lives?

  1. You Have Vivid, Recurrent Dreams

  2. You Remember Past Events You Weren’t Present For.

  3. You Experience Déjà Vu

  4. Certain Cultures Or Time Periods Attract You

  5. Unexplained Phobias Or Fears Haunt You

  6. You Feel Like You Don’t Belong In This Time Or Place

  7. You Recognise Someone As A Soul mate

  8. You Feel Like An Old Soul

    Your Archetypes are connected to your past lives. By knowing your Archetypal Wheel you can see who you were in past lives and you can learn a story for each of your Archetypes.  To learn more about Sacred Contract Archetypes click here.

What to Expect from Visit Past Lives Session?

You’ll be taken on a journey in hypnogogic state (deep relaxation state), from which you can recall your past lives through visions, feelings or memories.

Session can last from 90-120 minutes, depending on how much you discover on your journey.