Chakra Tune Up


In addition to our physical anatomy, every human also possess an energy anatomy that is as specific as our physical anatomy. Energy anatomy consists of interconnected energy centres invisible to the eye but critical to one’s wellbeing.



Chakras have a job of processing a specific kind of energy. When your chakra system is unbalanced, your wellbeing can also become unbalanced.

Each chakra radiates energy to governing glands, connected to other body parts resonating on the same frequency. So when one chakra becomes blocked or out of sync, the surrounding and connected organs and glands gradually get affected. It is through chakras that people can find proper harmony of mind, body, & spirit.

In assessing the chakras, one can develop a holistic and greater picture towards self-care and the practice of holistic applications for wellbeing.

What to expect from the Chakra Tune Up session?

  • Completing an extensive questionnaire for Chakra Assessment
  • In depth look of your emotional needs and how they relate to certain Chakras
  • Guided Meditation to cleanse, balance and activate your Chakras
  • Recommendation for an ongoing care of your energy anatomy


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