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You’re purchasing 5 Class Pass valid for 3 months.



You’re purchasing 5 Class Pass, either Hatha Flow or Restorative Yoga Nidra, or both classes combined in a 5 Class Pass.

*5 Class Pass is valid for 3 months.

Hatha Flow is a unique sequence of postures and movements that promote both dynamic and relaxing experience. These classes incorporate all aspects of traditional Hatha Yoga such as breath, silence and postures; while challenging your body strength and coordination through movement.

All levels are welcome!

Restorative Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation technique, combined with Restorative Shavasana pose, it won’t just relax your body and mind but also restore your cells and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to return the body to its natural, un-stressed state. Find a quite spot where you won’t be interrupted and make it as relaxing as possible – light some candles, incense, or your favourite essential oil. You can even stay in your bed and drift off to sleep afterwards.
After it’s shown how to position your props, there will be no movement, you’ll be staying still with your eyes closed. Therefore you can use your earphones and immerse into deep relaxation of your body and mind.

You will need:

*1 x Towel
*1 x Pillow or Small Cushion
*1 x Bolster or 2 x Large Cushions or 1 x Rolled Up Doona


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