WholeBeing Wellness Mini Retreat

Sunday, 4 December – 10am – 3pm


This retreat will give you an insight as to how to develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle and an optimal environment for healing your body and your WholeBeing.

When you integrate a deep and abiding love for yourself and take some time out for yourself, you create a high regard for your own well-being and happiness; you get to assess where you are currently at with your lifestyle – physical activities, diet, and other changes you could make to support your journey.

Certain foods naturally awaken your body’s ability to heal itself and will support you in reaching a higher state of consciousness. At the same time, removing toxins from your diet and life helps to bring you back to the natural state of Being.

When your body is healthy, it is much easier to connect with your soul and develop natural gifts and abilities.

WholeBeing Wellness Mini Retreat will allow you to slow down, give you time to reflect, observe, re-connect with your body and create optimal environment for your wellness.

What to expect?

  • Yin Yoga to open Kidneys and Liver Meridians
  • Yoga Nidra for balancing Left and Right Hemisphere of the brain
  • Restorative Yoga for balancing parasympathetic nervous system
  • Yoga Nidra with Guided Meditation for creating optimal health

Reclining postures are fully supported with blankets, bolsters and other props, and you will remain in them long enough to allow the parasympathetic nervous system to return the body to its natural, un-stressed state. In this context, “rest” is somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, and the experience is meant to be totally effortless, comfortable and relaxing. 

The entire day is design to bring your WholeBeing into the balance and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Delicious plant based lunch will be served to support the process of healing and restoration.

Mats, cushions, bolsters and other props are provided.



Investment: $160

Absolutely blissed out last night after the retreat and still buzzing today. Can’t thank you enough for the journey into Yoga that you have provided Irina, absolutely love it and so grateful for you.

Tino arohanui ❤️


I recently had the privilege of taking part in one of Irina’s Yoga Retreats. The day was fantastic and the ladies I shared the day with were lovely and so much fun. Irina teaches a holistic approach to yoga, meditation and diet which I find really valuable. Absolutely loved the experience and can’t wait for the next Retreat.

Nikki Rose

Wonderful way to unwind and relax, Friendly people and beautiful surroundings.  Stretch your body and your mind whilst you revitalise and detox.  A delicious lunch adds the final touch to the ambiance of these fabulous mini retreats.


Very relaxed & friendly but great yoga, meditation & relaxation sessions along with delicious food. Excellent value for money & health.


Went to sixth yoga retreat yesterday! Amazing day of yin and yang yoga, relaxation, fabulous vegan lunch and chance to meet lovely people! Walk away after feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Love it so much!