Emotional Release/Shadow Work


Emotions are certain wavelengths of energy felt by our body. Energy of emotions can influence our health and wellbeing, even cause pains, aches, illnesses and conditions. But if we create optimal energetic environment we can facilitate healing and release of stuck emotions from our body and nervous system.

Understanding and loving all parts of ourselves, even the rejected, ignored and wounded pieces is a form of healing our Emotional Body. If we don’t face and release these challenging parts of ourselves, we’re running into a risk of constantly re-creating similar experiences. Once we learn and face who we are, we also realise the power we have to transform ourselves.

Working through stuck emotions and healing your wounded self, often known as shadow self, is incredibly important in order to embrace the person you’re meant to be. To fully embody non-dualistic way of thinking and behaving, we need to first release polarity within ourselves.

What to expect in this session:

Through Guided Meditation, you’ll relax into hypnogogic state (deep relaxation) from which you will follow the trail of emotion to it’s origin.

Next, you’ll potentially discover where in your physical body this emotion has been stuck in order to release it. 

Visualisation of colours and shapes is used throughout the guided meditation, so even though it’s a serious work, it has playful lightness around it.