Archetypes are Universal emotional/energetic patterns that exist in the human consciousness. Archetypal patterns help us better understand who we are and what drives us. Through our subconscious they dictate the way we make choices in life, attract certain people or jobs, pursue personal interests, experience failures and betrayals, and explain why we become very successful in some things and not others. They hold the key to our inner mysteries, power symbols, dreams, as well as our cravings, fashion sense and spending patterns. Everything about us is connected to one or more of our archetypal patterns.Our five senses are perfect for getting us around in the physical world; but when it comes to ‘interpreting’ what we see, for actually being able to grasp the truth of what is happening around us, and certainly within us, they fail us completely. Why? Because it’s in the region of the inner self that we conduct the real business of our Self. More importantly, our ‘Invisible Self’ is our power center!

Our archetypal patterns are not fixed, but continually evolve within us. This is the organic path of life. Each archetype in your archetypal wheel is connected to a specific Astrological House.  To understand how to use archetypes to enrich your experience of life, they need to be discovered and matched using your intuition.  It’s my mission and joy to guide you in this process.

In just two 90-minute sessions (total of 3 hours over two weeks), you will:

  • Discover your 12 Archetypes
  • Engage your intuition and Match your Archetypes with Astrological Houses through Guided Meditation
  • Create your Archetypal Wheel
  • Receive a comprehensive Report of your Archetypes together with recommendations and healing guidance to overcome challenges
  • Learn how your Archetypes and Astrological Houses are connected to your Energy Centres

If you’re interested in exploring Sacred Contract Archetypes and experiencing a life of joy, meaning, and abundance, contact Irina to schedule a session.

“Prior to working with Irina, I was not clear on what archetypes were or how awareness of them might benefit me.  In our first session, Irina helped me to choose from a long list of options those that most closely aligned with the truth of who I am.  She then offered a guided meditation to match my chosen archetypes with the appropriate astrological house.  Irina then took this information and created a comprehensive report which outlines both the empowered and shadow sides of each archetype.  She then goes on to highlight how knowledge of this archetype can help me to achieve my goals and dreams.  Additionally, she shares the ways we can be challenged and how to overcome those.  Spending time with this information has opened my eyes to parts of me I was unaware of or not deeply connected with.  The insights provided have encouraged me to reach for my highest potential and not let anything hold me back.  Irina’s knowledge, wisdom, and intuitive guidance is a powerful combination!” Lis, Chicago, USA