Let your body flow

Rest your mind

Set your spirit free

In that brief pause, the tiny space between your thoughts, if you’re very quiet, you can hear a sound. It’s a sound so faint and yet so loud it can bring you to your knees.

It’s the sound of your body begging you to move, your mind begging you to stay still and your spirit trying to find a way to fly, all at once.

Irina Morrison has been listening to the expression of this ‘soul sound’ for for many years. As a trained counsellor working in the corporate sector; Irina listened to people’s words and read between the lines.

In her private practice, Irina has helped many women who have suffered abuse and trauma; and worked with many couples, which has helped her to gain real insight into the burdens we all carry.

Now Irina works with the physical and the spiritual as a fully qualified and experienced yoga teacher.

“Yoga offers that physical engagement but I also really find it rewarding to see how students progress over a 12 month period.

“Not just how their bodies transform, but their state of mind, and often I can see how they’ve progressed in life. Especially those that come to yoga either through suffering from physical issues or things like anxiety and insomnia.”

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